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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The PRO Version For?

With Laravel Core Adventures, you gain free access to videos from each category. If you want to unlock all existing videos, you need to upgrade to the PRO version.

What Do I Get With The PRO Version?

You'll get access to all the videos from these categories: The Kingdom Of The Service Container, The Lost Eloquent Temple of Doom, The Chamber of Facades, The Forgotten Hall of the Request Life-Cycle, as well as all upcoming videos about Laravel's notifications system and jobs/queues. This means additional 3 hours of videos.

You can find all the videos created so far on the home page. Overall, Laravel Core Adventures Pro gives you access to over 6 hours of video!

Why Are Not All Videos Free Anymore?

A while ago, I realized that creating these videos takes much longer than expected. I can't provide more videos without also making some money from it. So I did a big survey asking if users would pay for the content so I could make more videos. Most said yes. That's why I keep making videos, but now you need to pay if you want to see them all.

Is It Possible To Get An Invoice?

Yes, of course. I'm using a service called Paddle for handling all payments. After your purchase, you will receive your invoice from them. You will also be able to edit it.

Can I Pay With PayPal or credit card?

Absolutely, yes! Right now you can pay with credit card, PayPal or Apple Pay.

What Does the Maintainer of Say?

Laravel Core Adventures is an excellent choice if you want to get really in-depth insights into the internal workings of the Laravel framework core.
Photo of testimonial Taylor Otwell
Dries Vints

Who's your trusted guide in these videos?

Photo of Christoph Rumpel

Hi! My name is Christoph Rumpel, and I'm a web developer from Vienna, Austria. I have been working with Laravel since version 4, and it is part of my daily work since then.

Next to Laravel Core Adventures, I have a video course about Mastering PhpStorm.