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Laravel Core Adventures is a video series which explains how Laravel works under the hood. You will get several videos on different difficulty levels to learn about each topic. The first videos below are about theĀ Laravel request lifecycle. Expect more to come when the full site is released in early 2019.

The Laravel Request Lifecycle

Level 1 - It All Starts With a Request

Level 2 - The HTTP Kernel

Level 3 - The Router

Laravel Facades

Level 1 - An Introduction To Facades

Level 2 - How Facades Work

More videos coming soon.

Who is talking in the videos?

Photo of Christoph Rumpel

Hi! My name Christoph Rumpel and I'm a web developer from Vienna, Austria. I have been working with Laravel since version 4 and it is part of my daily work since then.

This year I released my first ebook, and video course, which is about chatbots. Laravel Core Adventures is my new project.