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We all love Laravel, but features like Facades, Eloquent, or the Service Container can be hard to understand. Still, it is crucial to learn how they work to use them efficiently.

Today is special. It's the first time that we are diving into a codebase outside of the core of Laravel. Laravel Livewire is Laravel package that brings dynamic interfaces to your application without writing any JavaScript. Sounds magical? It is! Let's start a new adventure to demystify it together.

Every modern web application has notifications of some kind. This could be an email that informs the user about a new product, a notice on a dashboard that says a friendship request was accepted, a message on Slack that tells you about a successful build and so on. Laravel has a built-in notification system that makes all these tasks as simple as it can get. Let me show you how it works.

The service container is one of the most powerful parts of Laravel. It works in the back and makes building applications a breeze. Still, it is difficult to grasp what it really does and how it works. Today we change that! We will explore all the things you need to know about Laravel's service container.

When we talk about Laravel, we need to talk about Eloquent as well. The ORM, Eloquent, is one of Laravel's best components, and one of the main reasons why Laravel became so popular. But let's be honest: It is complex and huge! Today we break it down together and find out how Laravel makes working with databases as comfortable as possible.

When people discuss Laravel, they often talk about a feature called Facades. There is probably no part of Laravel that divides opinions as Facades do. Thus, we face a black and white scenario: People love or hate them. The root of the problem is that some don't comprehend how Facades work. Let's go and see with our own eyes how to use Facades, how not to use them, how to test them and more.

Every adventurer knows: You shouldn't interfere with powers you don't understand! When we deal with Laravel's core, we first need to talk about the Laravel Request Life-Cycle. Being a fundamental part of Laravel, we need it all the time. It's responsible for everything that happens: from a request to your Laravel application until the response gets returned to the browser. We will go through the main entry point of our application, the Kernel, and the Router.

Our shared adventure has just begun!
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There are a lot of resources when it comes to learning Laravel, but Christoph takes the hard road and dives deep into Laravel's internals and makes it easy to understand how it works in its core.
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Hi! My name is Christoph Rumpel, and I'm a web developer from Vienna, Austria. I have been working with Laravel since version 4, and it is part of my daily work since then.

Next to Laravel Core Adventures, I have a video course about Mastering PhpStorm.